Should You Facebook Friend Your Booty Call?

von Niko Jasberg

You finally did it. You got up the nerve to text that cute guy you met when you were out last weekend. So you may have had a few (too many) drinks, and it may have been 1 am, but you texted him. And this wasn’t just any text. Oh no – it was a booty call text. The best part? You were successful! He got the message – and you got exactly what you were looking for.

But now comes the tricky part if you want these late-night rendezvous to continue – do you Facebook friend him? While you may feel like you know him well enough now (at least in the Biblical sense), thinking about the pros and cons of becoming his online friend before you hit that “Add as Friend” button might not be such a bad idea.

A few things to consider if you become Facebook friends:

You can get an idea of his social calendar, including what he’s doing this weekend and what he did – besides you – last weekend.

  • Pro: From whatever status updates and wall posts he has on his profile, you’ll be able to tell if he’ll be around or busy for the weekend. If you already know he’ll be out on Saturday, this gives you the perfect opportunity to text him again to see if he’s up for a repeat performance.
  • Con: You may not want to find out about his entire social life, namely if it includes other females vying for – and gaining – his attention. Even if you aren’t interested in actually dating said booty call, seeing another girl write on his wall is going make you turn at least a slight shade of envious green. Was he out with her before he met up with you? Is that other girl going to be at the bar with him Saturday? Are you going to drive yourself crazy just by looking at his wall?

You can stay in contact, and you now have another way to communicate with him besides texting or calling.

  • Pro: You can shoot him a quick message or post something on his wall, letting him know what you might be up to this weekend. It might even give him the hint that he should probably send you a text at 1 am.
  • Con: Things start to get tricky anytime you communicate via technology in any form other than actually speaking. You got your message across the first time via text, but add lengthier-than-necessary messages and coy wall posts in, and something is likely to be lost in translation. If you really want to make a point over Facebook, be as clear as possible.

He can get a glimpse into your social life – what you’re up to, which guys are writing on your wall, and who you’re hanging out with on the weekends.

  • Pro: If he’s anything like you, he’ll use Facebook as a tool to figure out what you’re doing to see if an encore of the previous weekend is possible. And he’ll most likely look at your wall to see if you have any other potential suitors. If you do – and if he has a little jealous streak – becoming Facebook friends could definitely work in your favor.
  • Con: If he sees that you’re going out with too many guys and way too many are posting, “Had a great time last night” on your wall, then you might not exactly be sending the right message. He might not mind being just a booty call, but he probably doesn’t want to be one of ten.

Facebooking a booty call can be a double-edged sword, so think hard before you hit “Request.” But then again – there’s always defriending.;redirect=